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January 18, 2019


Beryl Ament

You are an inspiration. It must take guts to face up to your situation and get the most out of life. Please keep writing. I will think of you and remember you in my litany of prayers.


As crazy as it sounds, send prayers of healing (as shall I) to the patron saint for persons suffering from cancer or other illness:

Saint Peregrine Laziosi (Pellegrino Latiosi) (c. 1260 – 1 May 1345) is an Italian saint of the Servite Order (Friar Order Servants of Mary).


I've been thinking of you lately and thought I'd check your blog to see if there was an update. So happy to read your positivity. You continue to be a shining, beautiful light. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

Kellie Aindow

i have been reading you since 2015 and learned alot from you on different styles of learning. I wish you a healthy and happy 2019 and would love to read you more often this year, but understand that with cancer , you need to be able to feel like you can and don't want to pressure you :) God bless!


I’m so happy to see this! Shame on me for forgetting to check for updates, but it’s sych a blessing when I do. You are light to me and to so many. Do you know it? XOXOXOXO


I am so very happy to see this latest post! I am hoping that they find the right treatment plan for you!


marianne! i think about you and that little kindergarten room... love your thoughts and writing. just beautiful.

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