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May 07, 2018


Beryl Ament

Beautiful and moving words. I wish I knew more about your situation: let me send prayers and wishes for you to move forward in comfort and peace.


Dear Marianne,
I haven't looked at your blog for a very long time thinking you had stopped posting. I got an inkling to check it just now and am so sorry to hear about the recurrence of cancer. A few years ago my sister and I attended a 3-day intensive program, by Dr. John McDougall, who has cured people of cancer. One case that stands out for me is his work with Ruth Heidrich, who had breast cancer that subsided with the regimen he put her through. I met him, listened to him, and came away with a strong sense of trust in him. He's fairly local: Santa Rosa. You may wish to look at his website and an interview with Ruth. https://www.drmcdougall.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLkKzn9J1V4

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