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November 07, 2016


Karen Maestas

I love this picture of little Mare. She is a beautiful child. It is such a striking thought of little ones so awed by the large majestic and old redwoods. She also has a knowing. Nature is so important for little ones to learn about the universe and for us elders because we have learned that to dwell within nature brings us closer to the universe and to ourselves and others. Happy birthday and best wishes.


Beautiful, beautiful post. Those types of gifts are truly treasures!!



Roxanne Smith

Thought of you today when I read a Christmas card from Steve Matts' aunt... If you ever hear from his- the is family sadness: His brother Robert passed away in March of this year. His mom is in the deep darkness of Alzheimers and doesn't know of the loss of both her sons. A blessing of sorts. Such a sad story. A small family made smaller by time and loss.

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