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June 19, 2014





I have found that I have but two commandments in my own personal godless belief - be kind to people and don't be greedy. I think that religion makes it all much too complicated.


Hearing/reading about other people's evolution as they travel along a "spiritual path" is so interesting because everyone has their own unique experience. Thank you for sharing a piece of yours.

I, too, have come to the realization that God is pure love. And that I am here on earth to have compassion and to pray rather than to judge anyone. Not easy, especially when I read or hear about sad events. During those times, the only way for me to survive (read: to refrain from judgment while at the same time to not get really depressed) is to remember God and give my sadness to Him. Again, thanks for sharing.

Ellen Kirkendall

My path is similar. I struggle with forgiveness as my nature is to cling to the old even when it does no good. I never have returned to the Catholic Church. I identify more as a Methodist, where deeds are valued more than words.


Just thinking of you and sending love!

pamela bridges

marianne.. hope you are enjoying some ripe juicy summer peaches..

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