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September 30, 2007



Oh my GOODNESS - looks like the collagen fairy had paid a visit. Glad you're OK now. Mold is scary stuff.


you look like angelina jolie.

Vegan Pal

Yikes. LOL Sheila!!!

We had mold testing done in our house a few years ago so we know we don't have to deal with it. That stuff is no good!

Hey - did you get your scarf?


I agree with the Angelina Jolie comment. She's got nothing on you. :) Glad you are feeling beter though. xoxoxo

Ana Luisa Guzman-Witt

Dear Marianne,
How fortunate I feel to come across your blog.
I hope you remember me.
When I saw you last (in Fair Oaks)I was pregnant. Now my little girl is 7 yrs. old, her name is Mariana Lucia and is with Cristine Crawley in first grade. I live in Ashland now and remarried. I found today a kind and warm card you wrote to me when I was going through my divorce. I goole your name and WALA!! the magic of modern times. I love to send you some pictures. Please reply.
Love to you.
Ana Luisa (aka Luisa Reddy)

Ana Luisa Guzman-Witt

:0 oops! pardon all the typos.

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