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September 22, 2007


tracey in Ohio

This was a nice post! I'm glad you enjoy blogging because I enjoy reading about your 'simple life.' Thru my eyes, it looks like you have a way cool life. You just seem so sure of yourself, so down to earth & so damn peaceful! (LOL!) I always come away from reading these with a nice feeling from what you share! Your stories & pictures are like "mini-books." Long live Blogging!! :-D


Well said! I agree, and I love reading your posts because it feels like I am closer to you and to your life, and because you always inspire me.... :)


I love coming to your blog for so many reasons. It's peaceful - I'm not sure how to describe. You have clarity and wisdom and just this wonderful way about life that I adore.


Hi Marianne,
Thanks for sharing what blogging has brought you. I'm in the process of sorting through what my new blog is really about. You helped answer that for me. I appreciate, also, the reminder of what too much life on the computer costs as well.


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