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August 06, 2006



I do believe that young children haven't yet "forgotten" the magic of the world. You seem to be such an amazing mom & grandmom. Your wee Satchel is a lucky little gentleman- and I love your observations on the concept:)


My little guy still talks about himself in the third person (he's 2) and I always smile to myself thinking he still sees himself as a separate person from his spirit. I loved this post-I'm a public school teacher and I try to keep the magic alive in my classroom despite an ever growing list of demands from above. Inspiring for me as I try get ready for a new school year!


What a beautiful post. I feel blessed to have a mother who cares for my children much like you do- delighting in their silliness and innocense. I can so understand what you mean when you write they have one foot grounded on earth and another foot remains in the spiritual realm. I remember right after the birth of my second son feeling completely disconnected with the outside world. I couldn't articulate the feeling to anyone until I wrote about it and realized that for days or even weeks my baby and I were suspended in a different realm. We just gazed and nursed and slept together in our own world. People were around us but not connected to us. It was ironic how I thought I was bringing him into the world yet he was allowing me passage back to the spiritual realm- it was very strange and beautiful and I will always savour that memory after his birth.

Jeanette LeBlanc

Brooke's Mama,
We all need people like you to care for and to guide our children. If only I could fly you down here whenever I need a date night!


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