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October 30, 2015


Dona Morrison

YES! Happy news! Being regular is a good thing:)

How I found you years ago I cannot remember! But I followed you to your move to Chicago which occurred the same time our youngest son moved there for a temporary volunteer non-profit job! He fell in love with that city and his one year turned into three! Each visit to see him we fell in love with that city even more! So your exuberance and love for Chicago is absolutely understood! I wish I had looked you up but I didn't want you to think you were being stalked! Which basically if you looked up that word in the dictionary my face would be plastered:)

Anyway, long story short your spirit resonates so deeply within in me! Your mothering, grandmothering, daughtering(pretty certain not a word:) manner have taught me so much about kindness, patience and so much more! I look at everyday things through the eyes of a child because of you!

And I'm so over the moon happy that you're healthy!

Looking forward to your next story!!!~Dona

P.S.~We live in the Seatte area and on a slightly lesser scale I very much get the high price we pay for living where we do! But, the beauty of our parts of the country still can take my breath away!

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