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July 24, 2014



Grateful to hear your voice again and to share the news of your journey. Welcome back. Now.


I love you norther morther infinity googleplex and beyond for this post and every breath you take that blesses my world. Was needing words from you. Enjoy your hard won cabin rest. XOXOXO :)


All the best to you as you complete this round of c.therapy. Spending time resting at a cabin sounds like the most perfect thing to do at this time. Have a wonderful, beautiful time there!


Yes.. You're beautiful, marianne.

Beryl Ament

I read you for a long time, Marianne, was sorry when you stopped writing, and —I thought —was happy when I saw you had started writing again. Then I realized the circumstances of your return. You are walking a hard path, but thanks for sharing it with a wider audience.


I'm so impressed that you don't hate cancer. I haven't gone through what you have, but I hate it for what it does to my friends. Cancer sucks. But since I haven't gone through it, I haven't had to learn whatever lessons it has to teach. From the outside, the lesson would seem to be to cherish my friends, to care for them, because they may need my help, or they may die, and either way I must be prepared. But I have always cherished my friends, so I'm not sure I needed this lesson. Again, though, I am glad that you have gotten what you need from it, and that even if you didn't need anything, that you are not wasting any time on hatred, which is indeed an ugly thing. And yes, I hope it leaves you the hell alone going forward.


re-read the post.

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