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July 20, 2014



Namaste, my sweet Marianne.


What a beautiful post this is! The imagery so clear and lovely. Thank you for this.

I have a friend who went through a cancer battle a few years ago, and is fine now (thankfully, so thankfully), and another mutual friend who let us slip by the wayside quite a few years ago. We have reached out and tried to make contact, but she ignores our attempts. It was hard not to have her there to help me, and to help her, when our mutual friend was sick. So strange to think that she never even knew. And also that in her life, things have been wrong, and things have been right, that we don't comprehend. It's a betrayal of sorts, to have her leave us that way. I try not to be angry, because that helps no one. But sometimes...I can't help it.

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