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June 15, 2014



My friend Amy Bolton has made beautiful books using Snapfish online. I don't know how to use it myself but a, think they walk you through it and b, bet there's a YouTube tutorial :) XOXOXO all I know is, I'll want a copy! Love you.


And I just sent a screen shot to FB...other options 😊


Blurb.com Every year I get the years blog entries printed up and they do a beautiful job. I just put together a book for my son for his High School graduation and it was perfect.

Beryl Ament

Blog2print did a good job for me. I thought they just did blogger, but when I just checked they asked what platform I use. Worth checking out. All good wishes to you as you face your illness.


Google this:
self publishing a book

A list of suggestions come up, including self publishing through Amazon, which is what I immediately thought of when reading your entry.
Yay! So glad you're looking into producing a book!


I kind of needed to see this, because I've been thinking lately that I should publish my mom's blog, print it up somehow, and have never gotten to a place where I can actually get it done. I'm going to check out a few of these options.

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