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May 15, 2014


Lynn Abate-Johnson

Marianne, I read every word. You are very clear, so I understand and I am there, holding your hand, shoring you up in spirit. I feel complete peace about your experience today, and I envision the healing essence of the Taxol and the benefits of the pharmaceuticals while you temporarily walk through those doors.
I'll be sending a little extra energy at 10:30am and for the 210 minutes that follow, for sure!! I'll think of the Taxol as yummy organic green juice flowing through you. Cancer doesn't like that either :-).
Lots of love and peace to you today and every day. xxxLynn


Taxol is an extract from the yew tree so while you are receiving the infusion just think of beautiful Pacific forests that are providing their cleansing grace to you. And also know that all the nurses and doctors at the infusion center will have you front and center in their sightlines. I will be thinking of you and sending you my best thoughts. Namaste.


Sending you love and happy thoughts from the east coast today. After reading your post I realized we have a few things in common....but that's for another time. Today just remember a few good strangers are with you in spirit.


At this moment you are nearly 1/2-way through your treatment. Am sending prayers to you! Love.

Kristine Kravitz

Sending love to you this eveningā™„ I hope the treatment went well and you are resting now.

Lots of love and blessings


Pulling out my prayer beads/rosary for 210 minutes with you.

Jane Willis

Blessings to you as you confront your fear




Hope all went well !!! Sending hugs and prayers!!

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