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April 23, 2014


Don Emerson

Keep holding strong.

Kristine Kravitz

Dear Marianne,
I love this photo! You look so beautiful! You have so much courage. I look forward to your blog. Every Wednesday evening and Thursday you are on my mind. Always sending my love to you♄



Hold Strong!!


It is SO GREAT that you are writing amongst a group of writers. This is so exciting. You have such a poignant story to tell--I can't wait to read your eventual book! :) Congratulations on finishing your first round of chemo treatments. Kristen is right: you look amazing. Love your blog and am inspired by you. Wishing you all the best always.


Marianne - The worst of the chemo drugs are now over. I hope you celebrate this big step. Soon hair, eyebrows.....It will be longer for energy.

Your writing group sounds awesome. I'd never have the courage - not just putting myself in that situation in a public space but to dig into my inner spaces and see what is hidden there would be so frightening. You always amaze me at the courage you show in every part of your life.



Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and hope everything is going well. I am sure you are exhausted from this ordeal. Hope you are resting!

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