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March 06, 2014



OMG I love your blog and this was the most beautiful yet! WOW,Michael's brain injury didn't seem to affect his ability to communicate..his writing is incredible. I'm sure that really touched your heart!


So sweet! I remember those days :)


Stunned into tearful silence. Bless you Michael and Marianne. I know this love story. I hope I am forgiven, Michael, for that awful judging reply-all email that hit your screen although I was slapping my monitor shouting, "Oh God, no!!!!" And later we laughed but I was horrified. This inspires me so much for the both of you, but also for myself. I need reminders that the soul connections that go unspoken for years and years are true, real. Love you. Lisa

pamela bridges


naomi dagen bloom


Remarkable story yet not a surprise from getting to know you over the past several years. Electronically, of course. Always sorry we did not meet when I was in No. California, reading your Michael story has me wanting to hear more from you in person. One day.


Wow. This is a beautiful story and truly exemplifies the unseen connections that exist. We truly are all connected, and although we may have experienced a hurt, we sometimes know not what all is behind it. Compassion. Forgiveness. Trust. These are the things this blog entry reminds me that I must remember. Thank you, both of you, for sharing your amazing truth.


Oh this gives me such faith, really truly it does, deeply deeply. Sigh. All is well.


Oh my....such a beautifully written, beautiful love story.
Marianne, I think of you often and continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way.

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