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March 12, 2014



I love you Marianne! You are a beautiful inspiration and we're all sending love and light!


Sending you hugs!
Xoxo, Mindy and Aidan


You are precious!


I am always in awh at the love your family surrounds you with. How incredibly wonderful to have them there with you, supporting you, and carrying you when needed.

Good luck with this next round!


Oh, good luck with your second round. The whole thing is horrid and I wish you weren't going through it. I'm glad you are well loved and have lots of support.

Michael White

Please have Camille add " - The Management" to the bottom of the toilet seat sign.

Thank you,

- The Management


Surrounding you with all good thoughts today. Stay tough!

Mary Ellen Kirkendall

Prayers, always. The scarf tie looks good on you.


Prayers! And may I say YOU ROCK THE HEAD WRAP!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!


You are teaching us all so much... and I for one am dumbfounded by your tenacious grip on getting better -- although I truly expected nothing less -- still, you are such a powerful soul. Here's to Round Two! Knock 'em flat!

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