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March 26, 2014


Kristine Kravitz

Thank you for sharing this difficult journey with us. My heart goes out to you ♥ Wish I lived closer to be part of your tribe. I miss mine.



Oh Marianne. Holding you tight in my heart. It must be so much harder than we can appreciate... You do have a tribe cheering you on, but it's not the same as you also need right now, sisters in arms. I love you.

Marilyn Hoffman Fuss

Marianne, I am so sorry it is so hard for you right now. I don't really have any words of comfort. There aren't words for this experience. It is merely something that has to be endured because to change it would be to risk death. That is how I feel about the dis-ease of cancer. Some day we will have more humane ways of dealing with the big C. Right now we don't and we have to plough through any which way we can. Lots of love to you.


Oh Marianne,

Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I think that after all the time spent attending events while you had a full-time job counts towards now, and even if you feel awful because you want to attend one and can't, make sure you don't feel guilty at all!

We love you!!!!!!

Charliena Busch

You are such a strong and beautiful woman. We are all thinking about you, and you are always in my thoughts. Let me know if you every want more company. We never really got to catch up in the times that I have come up. Love you loads. And thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. xoxo

Jane Willis

Thanks for the description

Sue Breining Bradley

Dearest Marianne ....I know what you are going through as a partner as I went thru this with this my husband. And I used to. Cringe when
People would say...." You are so strong" because I had no choice. You either pick yourself up or you fall permanently. But looking back now it is so very true how much strength. You find within yourself. you have been through this ordeal with vision and strength It does take strength and it does take commitment to keep going even on your worst days. And by allowing yourself those puddles and bed rest you maintain your strength . You are inmy thought and prayers. Keep on keeping on girl. Love to you.


Dear Marianne,

I soooooooooo get where you are right now. Hate to say it been there done that but what I say to you now is I am here for any support you need in the sisterhood walk about with this crazy thing called cancer.

Loving you from afar,


I am so sorry you are going through this right now. Know that I am thinking about you.

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