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March 27, 2014



Mother Earth put on a healing show for you today, Busha. And you put one on for those of us who love you. .) XOXOXO Blessed be indeed.

Marilyn Hoffman Fuss

Beautiful California. Beautiful woman. I am jealous because I have yet to find an oncologist who I adore. I do adore my primary care doc. She is a gem. Love to you lovely Marianne.

Mary Ellen Kirkendall

Studies are showing that it's not your imagination - being out in green spaces really does make you feel better. So glad you felt strong enough to get out for a walk. A half hour outdoors can make all the difference.


Such a lovely family that you are blessed with, that you created! I read your entry before this one about the fatigue and lonliness. This is a valley that you are walking through, for sure. A support group will provide such a good outlet for you; to be with people going traversing the same valley will be incredibly healing and therapeutic. Am glad that you live in an area with beautiful trails that will give you a lift. It is a very difficult time. You are in my daily thoughts & prayers.

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