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February 21, 2014



I love your kids! Good ones!


So glad your first day was not-so-bad. Hopefully no headache next time!

Sue Breining Bradley

One day behind you!

Jennifer Courtney

Hi Marianne,

I'm following you..... Thank you so so much for sharing your story & being so brave.... You are helping me no ends .... My instinct is telling me I too will need a port as the docs can never find any veins in me also ☺️ Sending you lots of love xx


The port is great and since you are getting herceptin you'll absolutely need it. Ask for emla cream to rub onto your port before chemo which will numb it a bit and make the stick even easier. Another warning..... Do not eat your favorite foods during chemo because you'll start to associate them with the nausea and never want to eat them again. A friend ate Pho all during chemo and now can't even look at it without gagging.

The countdown to this being over has started and now the time will pass quickly and this will be behind you. Your family both real and virtual will be with you every step of the way. Xoxoxo

Michael White

Such a brave girl... :)

Lynn Abate-Johnson

thank you for the update, Busha. You are all at once wise and beautiful. Many hands and hearts are holding you - IRL (In Real Life) and virtually....and Jaykaym's advice is spot on.
And I LOVE that Brooke is using Rebecca Katz' book. Rebecca is a dear friend and she knows her stuff...and she ALWAYS brings the YUM. Great resource.
Lots of love. xxx Lynn

cindy august

"It's a Wonderful Life" has been my favorite movie since I was... 12? Because it focuses on what real "richness" is in life. "To Marianne Frost, the richest man in town!" It's just so beautiful that you have such ridiculous fortune in family (and friends)–something so precious, but not for sale. I count myself blessed to know you. I will heap my blessings upon the rest... wishing you peaceful days and restful nights while you heal.


You and your family are just so amazing. It was a relief to read that your first session of chemo went so well and that there are meds that help with the nausea. How times have changed--it's so great that improvements have happened that make chemo patients more comfortable through this process. Continued blessings to you!


I don't know who developed Zofran but he should be given a national award!

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