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February 07, 2014


Nicole Abate Ducarroz

Busha Full of Grace...and fun, and humeur, and love, and thoughtfulness, and courage, and foresight, and wisdom!


Marianne! Before I forget, when you mentioned speaking to a wig maker I thought I would mention that my hair stylist also makes phenomenal wigs, in case you're not happy/satisfied with the person you're seeing in Sausalito. She is amazing, and more importantly she is one of the most kind, thoughtful people I know. (Her name is Mishi -- "meeshee".) She used to work at Festoon in SF, a salon Brooke works with and recommended to me years ago. She has her own salon now, which you can find here: http://www.houseofmorphic.com/services/wigs/
If you decide to contact her, let her know Rebekah sent you!


You're amazing! Don't ever forget that :-)


I love your spirit. :)


You are truly an inspiration. Your crafty creations are so lovely! Thank you for your infectious energy!


I hope things are going well for you. You were tip-toeing across my mind just now...am sending healing thoughts your way.


You came to me a few weeks ago in a dream. Ya, seriously. It's been a while so I checked here to discover your most recent news. Been thinking about you daily since. Tomorrow you start chemo so from across the nation this stranger will be thinking of you and sending you good thoughts, love and prayers.
Warmly, Lisa ♥

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