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February 27, 2014


Lynn Abate-Johnson

oh my sweet Busha, how I appreciate your update and on an indirect level, can relate. I love the way you describe what you are experiencing -
and all i keep thinking throughout is that it's all temporary and you can handle anything temporarily, even tho it seems that it will go on forever sometimes.
Glad you had the "feeling better" pause to write and think.
We are here, even tho we are not physically there, for you, as always. waving and sending big hugs for now. xxx lynn


As my grandmother taught me "You can do what you have to do" and get through the rest of your treatments with your usual grace. But another recommendation for you - get some "Smooth Move" tea in the grocery store. It's stocked with the herbal teas. It is your friend. And when your hair finally does start falling out (it's still a little soon) you'll decide that it really is better to just shave your head than shed everywhere and itch. Throw a party and drink lots of chardonnay - it helps. xoxox


I'm sorry it's so uncomfortable. I'm sure that is an understatement. Kind of like birthing a baby is uncomfortable... You are lifted up and surrounded by love at every moment. XOXOX me

Dawn Matheson

I know what you are going through,last year almost to the date I too started chemo. I no you must be going to kaiser where I go and also love Glen and every nurse there! I went last month for a treatment that I get for my bones and had Dorte which I love she can always make you smile!! You hang in there and be positive because that is what has gotten me to this point!! Please feel free to call me if you want to talk! Dawn Matheson 707-484-6302 Take Care

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