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January 22, 2014



Good and healing thoughts coming your way. And although keeping a good sense of humor will be critical to getting through this, allow yourself to mourn your loss.


Thinking of you and wishing you more strength every day, wellness soon, and peace.


Sending more love your way. I think you are an amazing woman.


Hi Marianne, keep up the healing and the laughing. My personal opinion is that truly is the best medicine and your kids are funny. PM when you decide what action you're going to take ie reconstruction vs external breast form. You're seriously having another surgery on the 30th?? Might as well get them all out of the way. We're all rooting for you..take care!! lots of love!

Stephanie Steck-Benthin

Lots of love from me, too Marianne! I am thinking about you. <3


From across the country, love and good vibes for healing coming to you. xoxo Lisa


Best to you and your family...I want your golden bubble to continue and morph into total health. You are in my thoughts and wishes every day. Love.

suzanne down

you write with such grace and humour. You are a wise and strong woman! Big love to your journey. xox suzanne down


"Thank you, God, for your healing power for Marianne," is my prayer for you in this moment.

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