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January 23, 2014



I hold you in the light and I am grateful on your behalf for wonderful family connection.


I can feel your resolve, your determination to face this on your terms and with your focus exactly where it needs to be in these words , and I am so proud of you. This is the falling part. The free fall. But you are never, never out of God's hand, never out of Love's reach. Moment by moment may you feel wings under you, bearing you up. I love you, Marianne. Please keep reaching out to us all in this journey. Prayers lifting you up, intending to keep you in the Real and out of Fear. Let all your children's and friends' love wash over you.

Jen Hope

Argh that's one of those calls you have to answer but wish you could say have the surgeon call me. So much of life is how it is framed. I just want to hold you and hold space for you. You are love and you are light.


Am so sorry to read about the coordinator's choice of words. You are bathed in the love from your family and God. Keep trusting in the healing power of that love. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


light warmth and the memories of journey's you have already had will hold you in place while you physically change and take up the adventures of the new journey. Make friends with the new found organism that is you. I have found that to be a great source of strength and longevity for myself. Breathe in life and Breathe out love..held in light and love

Christine Crawley

You keep coming back to the essential, and the beauty you radiate in each moment.
Love you.

Kristine Kravitz

I'm speechless. I just want to say I'm so sorry this is all happening to you. You are such an amazing woman and I am holding you tight in my heart.
I'll keep sending lots of love your way.



Lighting a candle for you everyday. When my DH was fighting his fight with this insidious disease (and WON) we just like you he chose traditional medicine but along side the journey we stayed in contact with a naturopathic oncologist. One of the first things he advised is with any test or treatment visualize white. Fluffy white clouds, white sand, white sheets drying outside in a gentle breeze, white candles, etc. DH said it helped, more then anything it helped also just focus on his breathing.

Sending you warm, positive & loving thoughts & prayers.



Oh dearest Marianne. I wish I could give you a huge real hug. Your posts are always so eloquent and beautiful even when dealing with this unwanted news. I send you all my love.

naomi dagen bloom

Oh, Marianne, Trying to imagine what you would say to me if our places were exchanged. Because your glowing spirit would send the just-right message. You'd say, "I love my life...you love yours." A pact for strength in the days ahead. love, naomi

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