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January 29, 2014



I love your posts and do glad you stayed!


Honoring your bravery & enthusiasm on your journey. My brother just finished chemo & radiation and still has his head of hair. Thank you for posting, we are all learning from you. Praying for no t/ups!💝


Marianne, I say wait...my mom didnt lose her hair, although it turned snow white. A lot of people actually don't. It would seem a shame to shave it and then find you wouldn't have lost it. But of course this is a very personal choice. :)


If you would want to send me your address, I would be honored to be able to send you a couple crocheted hats. My email address is angelaruthcrone1961@yahoo.com.


Also, what colors would you like?


Please tell me you'll take pics of the different hair cuts and post them here?!?

So incredibly happy you're on the road to recovery!

Rhonda in Des Moines

I've been reading your blog for nearly its entirety. You've been a teacher to me in the ways of gentle parenting, risk taking, and loving unconditionally. I just now read your last few posts regarding the cancer and treatment. My prayers are going out to you, dear Teacher. May you be healed completely and held in love all your days. Blessings!

Michael White

Ha! you used "caddywampus" in an actual sentence! I like that.

I was wondering if perhaps I might come over and rub warm almond oil all over your bald head. (That's kinda hot.) I hear Gandhi's wife used to do that...but, I digress.

My head will be shaved on Feb 11th in your honor, my dear. It was either that, or learn to crochet.

Look for photos of me sans plumage in your local post office. :)

You are loved.


Thank you for sharing your journey. Have you thought of writing a book about your experience? I think a lot of women (and men) would be blessed by reading it.

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