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March 21, 2013



Marianne - I am so happy for you as I know you have been longing for your own home. And you should be so proud for having raised such generous and thoughtful sons that they made you so welcome in their mancave. That is a testament to good mothering. I look forward to many more posts and pictures showing your progress in settling into your new .


Before I read the post I was envying your bathroom with all the carefully placed 'girl' things. Mine is a disaster and will be for the next twenty years at least. But to be so welcome by your grown children should keep you warm in your new cave.


thank you for your words & blog! i really do love reading it.
and enjoy your space.


I'm sure it will be lovely indeed to have your own space, to put things where you want them and have towels that stay white. I'm sure also that you will miss many things about having lived with your sons these last two years. Happily, they're not going to be too far away. :)


Lovely. So happy for you to have found a peaceful spot. You make your home a place of beauty wherever you are.

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