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October 02, 2012



My grandmother, who was blind, would get very confused whenever she had a change in her surroundings. When she was at home she was perfectly capable of managing things, including her finances, but when she was visiting us she would become totally confused as to where she was, who we were, and what was going on and we had to keep reminding her. When she returned to her home, she was fine. We finally realized that it was better that we visit her than to have her visit us. I'm certain part of it was the blindness, but I think another part was just the shock to her body and soul of change in her routine and her surroundings.

Before they can do a dementia diagnosis there are specific tests that they do as to her awareness of what is going on and her reactions to it. If it comes to that don't let them do this until she has returned to her apartment and has become acclimated again.

Now, my mother on the other hand, had dementia but I could never get people to believe me because she was a very gracious woman who could make gentle conversation with anyone. And she had all the hospital staff convinced that she was the model patient. When she had her foot amputated the physical therapist was convinced that she would eventually learn cope with it and return to her home. I had to tell the therapist that my mother did not even realize that she didn't have a foot.


I haven't read your blog in a long while but my thoughts are with your mother!!!! My mom had C-DIF this year, and it was very difficult for her even thought she is much younger and healthier than your mom.

I think we all feel a bit out of joint when we are away from home, and I can only imagine how that is compounded when you are away due to illness. I hope your mom is able to return very soon and that the familiarity will help her feel calm and regulated again.


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