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August 13, 2012



Oh, Marianne, I will soon be walking in your shoes as I deal with my father. Your postings provide me insight and comfort about my own conflicted feelings. Please know you have a companion as you walk this path. Namaste.


Beautiful post, my friend. I am blessed to have mom, who will be 80 in December. Thank God she is not ill, but little things I notice, like how small her frame is when we hug, how much SLOWER she is about everything. I have always been very protective of her, but now it's tenfold. And yes, @ times she does drive me to the dangling edge, but I give her all patience for I know there will come a time when she won't be here & I'll totally come unglued. Blessings, peace & comfort to both you & you mother. You're a great daughter!! :-)


It is so good to hear that you have found some peace with your mother at last.

Lisa Burns

This post is so beautiful. I have been away from your blog so long...I do that, and feel bad about it, and then I open it up and read through it like the best book EVER. So it's a treasure when I do. I love you my friend. This time is sweet, indeed. It is what you will remember.

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