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July 20, 2012



Thank you, Busha Full Of Grace I too have a void in my heart and a quiet classroom across the hall. I have joy for the memories and pain for the emptiness. To get through I dream of Steve on a Hawaiian beach, playing his music and telling his stories. BUT in reality I don't believe he has allowed himself peace. He ran to protect - not himself, but those he loves most - his kids (and very likely you, Busha Full of Grace). I miss him fully and completely, and like you, hope he takes his medicine and makes his peace. Happy Birthday, Steve.


I, too thank you. Steve Matts was a great friend, and a huge influence on my life. To this day, I carry with me lessons that I didn't even know he was teaching, about life, about responsibility and growing up; he kept many a misguided youth on a healthy path (myself included) and would never turn away if he saw a need he could fill. He helped us shake the hair from our eyes, and ensured that even the fireman in us would pick up a book. Wherever he is, We are the wind because of him. We miss you Mr. Matts.


This is the man who confirmed my calling to teach. Without knowing it, he greatly impacted my life and I always envisioned going to see him on my first day of school. I'm in my third week now and I think of him frequently. I think of his passion and commitment and strive to make him proud.

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