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July 28, 2012



Can I hit "like" somewhere? What a great plan.
I wonder if you could bring your knitting, though? Gotta have something to seriously enjoy your rests on mountaintops or in a sunny glen.... Maybe a lace shawl project would scrunch up small enough and be light... :o)


I have had the same wish since reading the same book (Bill Bryson's). Not sure if I'll be seeing the other side of the Atlantic anytime in the next decade, but in the meantime the other walk I want to do is the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.


Bill Bryson's book is unforgettable. I'll be watching your quest with interest to see if it can be done. I'd like to do a section of the Appalachian myself.


What a great idea! Hiking is such an awesome activity, and breaking it up into parts to make it more manageable time-wise makes sense. You will get a lot out of this experience, mentally and physically, and I wish you "happy travels!"


Very timely as I recently discovered Fay Fuller who was the first woman to to reach the summit of Mount Rainier. In 1890, in bloomers! Will be writing about her soon. I see you in that tradition.

She said later in her life, "I have accomplished what I have always dreamed of and feared impossible." You have that spirit, Marianne.

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